Sunday, September 18, 2005


So last night was Saturday, which is now my *Friday*. I get off 2 hours earlier than during the week, and have the next day off. So Trevor and I decided to ditch the rather low key Okazaki scene, and head into Sakae, the Times Square of Nagoya. It was a pretty intense sight, coming up from the huge subway station into a world of neon lights and throngs of humanity. There are a couple of 8 story Kariyoki (spelling? I know its wrong, but cant remember whats right!) bars, I mean giant complexes devoted to the Japanese deity of off key singing. Luckily, we headed downstairs to a little bar called Heavens Door. It is small, cool, and the owner has a few thousand records. Yes, records, not CDs or Tapes. They are mostly 60-70s Rock and Roll. He doesnt take requests, he just plays what he wants to hear, the whole album at a time. Good beer, and some descent food as well. The spicy pizza was actually recognizable as pizza, but still fairly different to be sure. It is a great night spot, I will be back, that is for sure. As soon as I can, I will start getting photos on here. I reckon Sakae at night will be some of the first ones to go up!

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