Thursday, November 01, 2007

Love Letter

Kanazawa City
Ishikawa Prefecture

Dear Kanazawa,

I miss you.

I'll admit, when I first met you, I didn't like you very much. You were cold, and covered in wet, slushy snow. I didn't really know you though, and as the seasons changed and I grew to know your back ways and small bars and restaurants, I grew to love you more and more. Over the twenty months that I lived with you, you really got under my skin. Even now, sometimes I just wander your streets with google earth. Its not that Denver isn't a great city, but she lacks your intimacy and exoticism. I just wanted to write, and let you know that I'll never forget you, and that I'll be back for a visit as soon as I can.




拝啓 金沢、

さみし です。

きみ は さむい いつ ぼく は 来ました。でも 雪 の あとで きみ は きれい でした。きみ の 居酒屋 や お好み焼き屋 や バー や こんびに すごい おいしおいしかった です。 ぼく は すぐ 帰ります。ことばじち。




jalexissmith said...

hahaha aweeeeee i miss kz too!

Matt said...

Yeah. 'Tis a cool city. I actually do kinda miss not needing a car to go.. anywhere. :-)

My short trip really imprinted KZ upon me!

Anonymous said...

And I miss you too Grant, and the way you used to keep me company by stumbling around my curvy streets on weekends after having a drink or two. And I miss the way you used to wait until my foliage fell off and you would take pictures of my naked parts. And how you would bring people from all over the world and show me off to them