Friday, August 03, 2007

Childhood: Revisited

On a bit of a whim, I flew to Tokyo last weekend. I flew out Saturday afternoon, on one of the typical All Nippon Air 747s. When selecting my seat, I was afforded an unprecedented privilege, a seat on the upper deck. Now, it wasn't a 1st class seating area, really it was pretty much the same as the main deck, only shorter. However, the chance to sit on the upper deck of a 747, that was really cool, certainly an event that thrilled my (rather vocal) inner 10 year old.

While reading the paper on the 45 minute flight, I noticed a small article about a model train show in Ginza. I knew I'd have some time to kill on Sunday morning, so I kept the article and made plans. The Japanese model trains were pretty interesting, but as with anything in Tokyo it was a madhouse. I can take the pushing and shoving for about 10 minutes, before I feel the need to start knocking heads together.

Walking along the road in Ginza afterwards, I saw this toy store. Anybody that knows me knows that I was in the store for some time after this photo was taken. They had every Lego set imaginable, and I'll admit the temptation to dust off my credit cards was present, and strongly so. Certainly if I was 15 years younger, this place would have been pure paradise on earth!

Next: Fireworks, Rain, and those crazy Harajuku girls.

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Matt said...

When you say 15 years younger, you mean 15 minutes, right??

You know you want the Star Destroyer set. Admit it!