Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Next Stop: The Tropics

Vacations seem to have a habit of sneaking up on me, and it has happened again! On Friday morning I'll depart Kansai International Airport, again. This time rather than heading towards two feet of snow in Denver, with a few days stopover in Chicago, I'm bound for sunnier climes! Friday I'll be off to Phuket Thailand for three nights, followed by Bangkok for three nights finishing up in Vietnam, Hanoi for two nights with a trip to Halong Bay the last night. This is, quite literally, the trip of a lifetime for me. It will be my first time in the tropics, and also my first jaunt to mainland Asia. After all, Japan is kind of like Great Britain, an island nation and thus both a part and apart of the 'mainland' culture. Well I'm about to get a big dose of all that and a bunch of Thai green curry. Watch out South East Asia, The TravelinGrant is on his way!


Anonymous said...

Bon voyage! Remember to apply sunscreen liberally, something you might not have thought of doing over the course of a long Japanese winter.

Travelingrant said...

yeah, I keep telling my students that they won't recognize me when I return as I will be a lovely shade of pink.

jalexissmith said...

Have a great time, TG!