Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The ole switcheroo

I've landed in Japan safe and sound, and have been busy relearning a lot of English teaching theory, as well as fighting the dreaded jet lag. Its fun being here, especially being at this huge (100+) orientation. There are a few old hands around who are back for another go, but there are many more people who are bright eyed and here for the first time.

Seeing their reactions and enthusiasm is great, it keeps my energy up and gives me a new outlet for all my old stories! Of course as I learned last time, you have to keep your wits about you when entering Japan. I had of course expected to be in Bando city, in Ibaraki prefecture. Well, the contract didn't come through, so that has changed. I'll be in Maebashi City, in Gunma Prefecture. It's in the same direction, but it is about double the distance from Tokyo.

The good news is that Maebashi is a much larger city, so there will be more people and more to do in the city. The good and bad news is I won't have to drive. It makes things easier and cheaper, but I was looking forward to the overall convenience of having a car. Though I do have my international drivers license so there is always the rental option! Also, there is a train station in the city, and a Shinkansen stop is nearby so getting around the rest of Japan will still be pretty easy.

It's not as bad as last time, where I had to live in Nagoya for a while before moving, I'll probably never even see Bando now, I'll just slot into life in Maebashi and have only one start, rather than two!

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Island Auntie said...

Good thing you're so flexible!