Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hear Hishy Hishy Hishy!

Being somewhat of a landlocked sort, I love the freedom and underwater beauty of snorkeling. My sister and aunt had found a perfect beach on the far west of Maui near the posh part of the island. In Hawaii, all beaches are open to the public, so not even the Four Seasons can keep riffraff like us out.

My sister has a snorkeling mask with a built in digital camera, which I used to take these shots. I don't get very many opportunities for underwater photography, and I'm still finding the best way to do things while under the waves.

It is a challenging environment for sure, no matter how bright the day is the water soaks up a lot of light, and the current and waves make staying still to get your shot impossible. Still, I had an absolute blast chasing brightly colored tropical fish around the bay saying, "Hear hishy hishy hishy hishy!" After all, you can't say "Fishy when your teeth are clamped down on a snorkle!

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Elizabeth said...

Hear hishy? And you call yourself an English teacher?