Sunday, October 04, 2009

Manitou Dwellings

After Seven Falls and a very tardy lunch, we swung by the Manitou Cliff Dwellings. While the ruins themselves aren't as impressive as the complex around Mesa Verde, the privately owned Manitou Dwellings let visitors actually enter the buildings

This made for a much more hands on, and enjoyable, excursion. Getting to explore the buildings was very fun and most fascinating. Entire families would live in single rooms that made my old Japanese apartments look spacious by comparison.

I had a lot of fun in this room, kicking up the dust and trying to photograph the light spilling in the combination door/ window.

The cliff dwellings were a most worthy stop, a lot of fun for a history buff like me, and of course they offered a great spot to shoot photos, including one of my trademark panoramas.


Zach said...

great pan, man

Island Auntie said...

How did I miss the Manitou Dwellings? I thought the last place I needed to visit in Colorado was Dinosaur National Monument. Next time! Thanks for the travel tip.