Monday, October 19, 2009


For some time I have wanted to do a corn maze, though I had never had the opportunity. Well this year I made sure to make the time to get lost in the Maize, so to speak. Our group went to the Denver Botanical Gardens Maze, located south west of the city. The Maze is in the shape of a T-Rex this year, though from ground level you can't really tell.

We had a lot of fun, eating corn dogs and trying to find our way through the dinosaur in record time. It took us about 30 minutes or so to make it, which is much faster than the 60 minute average time. I had a lot of fun, though I do sort of wish the corn had been a little higher and denser, or perhaps the maze more complex as I felt it was all almost too easy.

Near the maze is a series of old ranch buildings, complete with rabbits and chickens. I liked the house as the 'summer kitchen' separated, just in case there was a fire! Though I didn't take a photo of the house, so the windmill must stand in.

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Elizabeth said...

Way to steal my pun.