Sunday, September 27, 2009


A few weeks ago Matt invited Jen and I up to his family cabin for the weekend. We had a great time hanging out, burning things, and scrambling on the large rock formations nearby.

The cabin itself is located near Deckers, south-west of Denver, in a little valley full of family vacation cabins.

On a ridge above the road there are several large granite formations that make for excellent scrambling. While I'm far from the most daring person around heights, I had some fun showing up Matt and Jen, who were both a bit more cautions than I was.

Though Matt DID decide to do a bit of free climbing up a sheer rock face.

As always, the view from the top was worth it. I never get tired of looking down on a vista from a high point, no matter where I am.


Zach said...

Matt is pretty hardcore climbing that rock like that. And you can tell how massive that rock is by the way it's gravity pulls on his shirt, almost as if he were crawling on the ground!

Island Auntie said...

Be sure and print a copy of that action shot for Matt. It's almost a metaphor for your current stage of life.