Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The last stop

On our way into Denver from Taos, we decided to make one final stop at the Garden of the Gods. We needed to stretch our legs a bit, and this seemed a good spot to do so. The Garden is certainly one of the most beautiful areas in Colorado, and the fact that it is free to enter makes it even better. We did notice though that despite the literally dozens of signs proclaiming that the rocks should not be climbed or scrambled on without permission, there were plenty of people and kids clambering all over the place. I was a bit annoyed because while the light was perfect, I had a gaggle of kids in one of my shots, and as soon as they had descended out of the frame of my camera, a cloud passed over the sun and stole my light!

While our trip was only four days, it was packed full of great places and adventures and was a fantastic way for both Liz and I to say farewell to Colorado, even if my departure has now been delayed.

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