Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Window Seat

I was lucky enough to snag a window seat on my direct flight from Denver to Honolulu. We flew a different flight path than I am used to, right down I-70, so I got to gaze down at high Colorado peaks like Torrey's, Mt. Bierstadt, and more. I figured my trip was off to a great start, and I wasn't even half way yet!

As we got closer in, I got views of inter-island ferries, and a glimpse of the Big Island off in the distance.

Upon arrival, I was met my Island Auntie (TM) and we made a quick stop at the last original tiki bar for some island fair and a fruity cocktail! The Mai Tai's were delicious, as was the food.

We then went to her house on Eva Beach, enjoyed the (shockingly early) sunset, and chatted away. Soon enough I was ready for bed, and my next day's adventuring.


Island Auntie said...

Your Ewa Beach Fan Club misses you already! The day was so ordinary without your added wit and charm.

Travelingrant said...



jalexissmith said...


Travelingrant said...

Yeah! You didn't know? :-D

Zach said...

The Beard suits you, keep it up beardy.