Monday, April 07, 2008

Around the Fire

Late in March my co-worker Todd invited the office over to his house for a home-cooked medley of Thai dishes. Never one to turn down good food, I instantly accepted.

Interestingly enough, while the games and food were certainly hits, the true centerpiece of the evening was the fire he had set up in a grate in the backyard. We don't often get the chance to sit around a fire very often, and all the city dwellers took to it with abandon!

It helped that it was a mid-March evening, and quickly became rather chilly once the sun had set. But I'll admit that I think that there is something more than mere continence to the fire's popularity. Something about the cheery snap and warm glow of a camp fire just makes people comfortable, and encourages us to gather around and share tales deep into the night!

On a more technical note, I had some fun varying the shutter speed with the flames. I really like the freeze frame better, as that offers a glimpse of the flames that we don't often see, but the longer exposure makes it seem more like a hungry beast than a pleasant little backyard campfire.

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