Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Garden of Lights

Kenrokuen isn't the only garden that is lit up for holidays. The Denver Botanical Gardens does an annual "Blossoms of Light" display that grows in splendor and size every year. Since it has been at least two years since I last put in an appearance, I was shocked to see how ambitious the decorations had become.

Elizabeth and I braved some chilly temperatures to take in the scenery. The sights were worth it, but I must admit that she showed much patience with me and my tripod, stopping every few steps to snap a few shots.

Ironically though, the next night when we went to the Zoo's display, people were miffed when I DIDN'T bring my gear, as I hadn't wanted to slow the group down with my incessant shutter snapping.

At least I got some nice pictures from the gardens, I suppose I'll just have to wait till next year to properly document the Zoo Lights.


HelloBettyLou said...

Yes, it was cold, but worth it.

Vesp said...

You failed me that night.. No pics!! They're never gonna have that light-up peacock ever again!!