Thursday, November 08, 2007

Westward Bound

This past weekend I ventured out to the wilds of Northern California to visit with most of the members of my fathers side of the family. Being that I've been gone for two years, it had been a long time since I had seen any of the California Contingent. I was looking forward to visiting with a lot of good people, and sampling the glorious views and weather of fall in the Wine Country.

Plenty of time was set aside to help my grandfather around the house, and the ranch. With all four of his sons visiting for the weekend, you can imagine that plenty got accomplished, and plenty of beer got consumed!

A very high priority for the boys was this pile of wood the was in need of splitting. A major source of heat for the living room of the ranch is a wood burning stove, and my grandparents will need plenty of wood by the time the winter is over! Luckily, they now have LOTS of wood ready to go. I should know, as I stacked most of it, though certainly that was far from the most difficult job on offer. That would be felling the actual trees...


Vesp said...

".....sampling the glorious views and weather of fall in the Wine Country."

'Sampling' the *views* of WINE COUNTRY??

I call shananagins!!!

Get your priorities straight!

jalexissmith said...

nice pictures grant! where are the translations???

sam said...

this is really geeky, but i couldn't help but notice the winglet on that Frontier jet... did you know that winglets can improve fuel efficiency by like 10% or something ridiculous?

Actually, I'm sure that you know way more about aviation than I do, and can supply a more accurate figure, but I just thought I'd affirm a love of technical details.

And NorCal looks gorgeous! I miss autumn!