Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Meiji Jingu, Harajuku, Free Hugs and Farewell

One of my reasons for barreling down to Tokyo all in rush was to see Michael, as it was the big Kiwi's last weekend in Japan. We tried to meet up at the big fireworks display on Saturday night, but crush of the massive crowd made a meeting unlike, and the crash of the local cellular network made a meeting impossible!

So we met up the next day for a slice of heaven at Wendys (chili cheese fries), and a traipse about Tokyo. The destination in mind was Harajuku, land of a thousand fashion disasters. Harajuku has become a destination of both those who want to see, and those who want to be seen. Unlike the usual expression of this dynamic, Harajuku is all about Gothic fashion, the more outlandish the better. And as we found, it was also all about free hugs.

Right next door to Harajuku is the massive Meiji Jingu, a paradise of trees in the heart of Tokyo. It had rained quite heavily that afternoon, so the early evening sun slanting through the trees made for an amazing sight.

We boys met up first with Mikes friend Waka, and then with Sachiko when she got off of work. After enjoying Meiji Shrine and the adjacent Yoyogi Park, we decamped to Outback Steakhouse, for the first steak to grace my plate since Zach and I went last October. It was delectable, to say the least.

Then it was time for some farewells, as Michael caught the night bus back to Kanazawa. By now, he is back in New Zealand, and itching to come back to Japan already!

Bye Mike!


Vesp said...

Dude! didja get any free hugs??

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