Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Just when you thought the winter was over...

Seriously, on Sunday we had a perfect spring day, more akin to mid- May than early March. Warm, sunny, lots of flowers, really it was the kind of day that just makes you happy. We started looking at planing a Hanami Party, as the Cherry Blossoms are looking to be early this year.

Well mother nature had a bit of a surprise for us! (Well not too surprising, it was accurately forecast, though I for one could hardly believe the forecast.) I awoke this morning to a veritable blizzard of big wet fluffy snowflakes. I've actually been complaining rather mightily about the lack of snow this year, I wanted to take pictures of the snow with my Nikon, as opposed to the point and shoot I used last year.

Well I got my wish and no mistake. While the snow was just as wet and slushy as I remember, it was also just as beautiful and peaceful. Kenrokuen was (of course) pretty buys, but the snow really seems to put a damper on things, and let you enjoy the garden more at your own pace.

I made sure to get a couple of HDR exposures, but unfortunately I got some snow on my lens and didn't notice. The effect still looks kind of cool. I also made it a point to get a few good shots with the myriad of umbrellas (brollys?) that are so necessary for life here in Kanazawa. I desaturated one, but with the white snow, black trees and black and white castle, it was hardly required!

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