Friday, March 02, 2007

Nagoya and Hikone in HDR

While I'll have a full update on my weekend in Nagoya next week, here is a collection of HDR images I took in and around Nagoya. First up is a view of the sunset from the big Ferris Wheel in the Nagoya Port. Followed with my favorite photographic subject, the Nagoya TV Tower, and Oasis 21!

The next few are all from Hikone, a small city on Lake Biwa, near Maibara. For those who have never taken the train from Nagoya to Kanazawa, Maibara is a major JR junction about an hour from Nagoya (two hours from Kanazawa) that links the Hokuriku (My part of Japan) bound trains with the Shinkansen and the rest of JR. Maibara is notable over other stops because the train pulls in and the pulls out in the opposite direction so as soon as it stops everybody jumps up and turns their seat around. This can be very disconcerting the first time you see it happen.


Zach said...

well done Mr. Photograntpher

羽之助 said...

I like the first TV Tower one. It looks like you can see the radiation it's emitting :D