Friday, January 26, 2007

She's Gone.

Sometime Thursday night Peg Morris died, peacefully in her sleep. I can't say its a shock. It's not. We all knew that this was coming, but really no matter how much you try, you can't prepare yourself. It is a shock to know that someone that was Here is now Not Here.

Well at least physically she is gone. Her memory won't die, not for a long while. She is beloved and mourned and celebrated by so many people, because she lived life as we are supposed to, by reaching out and helping others.

When we are young, everybody is told that, "You can make a difference!" but as we grow and see the suffering and vast problems of the world we harden our hearts and cry out "BS! One person can't do a thing to help this world." Well Nana didn't do that. She reached out, and she made a difference in so many lives, and she proved that one person CAN make a difference.

I was thinking that someday, I'll be telling my kids, "It's too bad you never met your Great-Grandmother, she was one great lady." And it will be true. Because she was, and she is.


Victoria said...

Meg and I are here blowing our noses. You honor your grandmother's legacy with your writings.

Robyn said...

My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family. My thoughts are with you through this difficult time... your Grandmother sounds like a wonderful woman!