Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Holidays

As I've gotten older the Christmas Spirit has been less and less about what, and more and more about who. Of course don't misunderstand, I still love opening lots of fantastic gifts come Christmas morning. But the maturing process that we all go through has certainly rendered family and friends as much more important. Being absent last Christmas, and the hell that lead up to our celebration, really made Christmas dinner all the more satisfying.

The food, the banter, the laughter, that is what home is and that was what really mattered. I suppose I am slipping into rather sappy territory, and for that I apologize, but especially on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, seeing everybody and everything from my past for the first time in sixteen months really meant a lot to me. And of course getting real food, shower, change of clothes, and a nice long nap meant a lot too!

A final point, and one that I'll revisit in another post later in the week, is that I really just kind of slotted right back into life. In many ways it was like this little excursion to Japan never existed. I just kind of picked up the pieces, the threads that had been left hanging in September of 2005. It was comforting, yet there were the little things that had changed, the small indications of time passed. Yet overall, as I kept remarking, the more things change... the more they stay the same. Home was still Home and Family still Family, and it was great.

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