Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mexican Temple

The news that a Mexican eatery had opened in Kanazawa hit the local English Teacher community like a burrito bomb. I would wager that most of the ex-pat population found themselves there at one point during the weekend. Except Paul. He went to Forus and had Korean and Sushi. Well, there's no accounting for taste.

Friday was a national holiday (Thanks Culture Day!), and so Anna, a slew of NOVA teachers, and myself decided to see, just how horribly wonderful our new favorite restaurant was.

The Menu is quite good, a wide selection of everybody's favorite Mexican dishes. Burritos, Fajitas, Tacos (Hard and Soft) and of course the Holy Grail, the combo plate. Combo #4, a cheese enchilada, chicken tamale, and beef taco, with rice and beans, was my first pick.

The Enchilada was cheesy but the sauce was weak. The tamale was ok, but tasted kind of... off. The taco was amazing, really great. The rice was fine, the beans really tasty, and the Margarita, if a bit on the pricy side, was awesome. Overall impression? Small portions and lack of true heat combined with medium high pricing keep it a special treat rather than a weekly staple. It was pretty typical of Japanese Mexican really, but honestly, its Mexican, and it is closer than Osaka. That's really all we ask for around here. Then again there is my impending trip home for Christmas. I can't wait to get my hands on some real Mexican cuisine! I'm sure it will blow my mind.

After that stomach busting lunch, two of the NOVA teachers, John and Gustav, Anna, and I cycled up to take photos of ANOTHER temple. Nestled in the hills above Kanazawa is Dionji Temple. (At least, I think thats what it is called.)

Nearby there is a small park that offers some pretty nice views of the metropolitan area, especially southern Kanazawa and Nonoichi. With sunset fast approaching we all cycled up from the temple and went into photo-overdrive.

On our way back into town we came upon this building under demolition. Who ever heard of starting on the bottom middle and working their way out. Don't you usually start at the top? Hmm very strange.

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