Saturday, November 18, 2006

The demon which wears [purada]

Looking at the website for the new Forus Cinema using Googles autotranslation feature proved that machines just can't handle the subtleties of language. Take this little description of the film "The Deavil Wears Prada"

The demon which wears [purada]

Just graduated the university un D dream is the journalist. But such a her, as for being engaged from contingent thing, the chief editor assistant of the first-rate fashion magazine of NY. Perhaps the occupation where many women yearn. So in this un D the world of interest zero. As for the end because becomes the journalist! With as for facing to the workplace however it is good, the assistant job which she inserted in the hand is easy, mono was not. Miranda of the chief editor which reigns as a super charisma existence was just “the demon which wears [purada]”.

or how about James Bond?

007/casinos [rowaiyaru]

In the 6th generation James bond, receiving Daniel the English actor [kureigu], you send, “007” the series 21st work eye. In bond girl '[evua] green of kingdom of heaven' '[dorimazu]'.

Anybody for a classic film?

Large escape

1963 America
[suteivu] [matsukuin], James [gana], Richard [atsutenboro], James [koban] and Charles [buronson]
Under World War II, the [ruhuto] 3rd air force prisoner of war camp of Germany. From this prisoner of war camp which was called the escaping impossibility, the officers and men of the allied forces who try escaping, [hirutsu] ([suteivu] [matsukuin]), [hendore] (James [gana]), [shiriru] (Richard [atsutenboro]) and others it was. The on the basis of the escaping plan which they plan, unprecedentedness, the group escape which reaches to also entire spirit 250 name was executed, but .......

Note that all of this was copied and pasted right from the Aeon Cinema website. No editing. No modification. The plain, unaltered, painful, truth. Can't wait to see James Bond and The Great Escape though!

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