Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Birthday (Observed)

We had the Kanazawa combination Grants Birthday/ Independence Day BBQ Bash on Sunday. Since Tuesday is unfortunatly not a holiday here in Japan, for the first time EVER I actually have to work on my birthday.

Mo concerned that the grill is going to torch her apt.

While July 4th may be Summer in the states, here it is smack in the middle of 'The Rainy Season' which made things difficult when planing to have a big outdoor bbq. Luckily Mo offered her centrally located and largish apartment in case of rain. So we set up the grill on the balcony, opened some beers and started the flow of delicious bratwurst. Nate also donated some delicious homemade potato salad and marinated steak skewers.

The Grill, after it stopped burning

Well we did have to deal with the paint on the grill catching fire first. It blazed up in a rather impressive display of flame, but luckily didn't spread and soon died down to a more managable level. I guess thats what you get for buying a 3000 yen grill.

Overall everybody involved had a great time. Nick came down from Kaga, and Jared and Andy came all the way from Nagoya for the weekend.

Andy and Nick

After dinner we had a few fireworks, some roman candles, bottle rockets and firecrackers available at the local supermarket! That was soon followed by, of course, karaoke. Jared still does a mean TLC, and Fiona and I did a credible but still needs a bit of work version of Linkin Park's In The End.

The Scottish are coming! Andy and Mo hang out and discuss Glasgow

It was interesting being so far from Home and everything that usually defines my birthday, but I must say that it was an awsome party. It felt great to have so many of my friends hanging out and just enjoying themselves. And the Bratwurst really did taste pretty good. A big thank you for everybody who came, and an Independence Day greeting to all my friends and family, scattered throughout the globe.


Jared said...

The bratwurst was delicious indeed.

artdiva said...

Mo's apartment looks like the real thing! Wow a place to sit Western style. I am impressed! Good to see you all having such a good time.