Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Journey into the Heart of Darkness...

Fiona invited a group of people over to her apartment to watch the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line. As a fan of Mr. Phoenix and as someone who has been getting more interested in Cash's music, I jumped at the chance. Little did I know what I was in for...

Anna and I met up with Nate near my house, as he has been to Fiona's place before and so could guide us. Guide us to our doom. The three of us swung by the rental place, picked up the DVD, and then Nate called Fiona to get a quick update on directions to her place. We started off again, but fatally, in completely the wrong direction. The clarification had instead been an obfuscation. As we rode, and rode, and rode, the buildings grew fewer and the rice fields more numerous. We soon realized that we had gone wrong, and tried to head in a more correct direction, but we kept running into twisty, curvy streets and dead ends. The inadequate signage did not help our cause.

After wandering lost in the not-quite desert for not-quite 40 years, we sighted in the distance a landmark, the Nonoichi cinema. Note I said Nonoichi, and not Kanazawa, you see we had actually left Kanazawa and circled around one of the suburbs. Luckily Nonoichi isn't all that far from Fiona's so she came out to meet us and guide us in. All together it took almost two hours to make it there. It should take less than 30 minutes. Well at least it was a really beautiful ride, and we didn't get too wet when it rained on us.

As far as Walk the Line, it was a pretty good movie. The performances were excellent but what really blew us all away is the fact that neither Joaquin Phoenix nor Reese Witherspoon lip synched to the original songs, all the vocals are on the spot by the actors themselves. It is positively scary how much Joaquin sounds like Cash.

Other than that, in the misc category.. A student brought a firefly into class last week. I was particularly fascinated as I had never seen one before, as its much to dry in Colorado to support fireflies.

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