Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Panoramic Asia

Since photos like panoramas and HDRs take a bit longer to put together, I've saved up most of the panoramas for this post. As always with panoramas, I highly encourage clicking on the photo to view it in a larger size, much of the detail is lost when viewed on the main blog page. This first picture is Shinjuku, the hotel I stayed in is the large red building on the far left of the frame.

This is the Sai river in Kanazawa, facing towards downtown and my old apartment.

I took this picture while walking to the station from Travis's house in Kohoku.

From the top of Osaka Castle you have great views in every direction. Here is the view to the south, towards where Zach lives.

These two photos are right in central Osaka, the Glico Man is a famous sight in Osaka, and changes every few years.

Here we are facing back north towards Osaka Castle, taken from the top of Tsutenkaku Tower in the Shinsekai neighborhood. My favorite site in Osaka, Spa World, is right next to the tower. You can sit in the (bathing suit required) outdoor spas on the roof of Spa World and watch Tsutenkaku Tower light up as the sun sets.

The great wall is of course an excellent subject for panoramas, though I found when I got home I had only shot this one!

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing.

I shot three panoramic images of the sun rising over the Forbidden city, but the change in exposure across the breadth of the image was too much, and the other two just didn't come out.

The roof of Zach's apartment is open, so I traipsed up twice for a photo shoot. It is a fun and unique perspective, above the crowd but not too far above that all the detail on the buildings is lost.

So there we have it! I have a few HDR's to post, but that will likely come in a few weeks, as I am a bit behind in my processing still. However, I lucked out in Hawaii this trip, the weather was gorgeous and I'll start posting about that trip soon, as well as my preparations to return to Japan in a mere four weeks.


Mia said...

The 2nd picture looks a lot like where I lived in China. Except your neighbourhood is much more developed.

I can never get my camera's panorama feature to work the way it's supposed to. I've used a few actual panorama cameras and those shots always come out much better.

Travelingrant said...

Yeah, I'd love to have an actual panoramic camera, I can imagine that would produce amazing results. I just layer in shots with my D-80, then I combine them in Photoshop which has a few settings to automatically stich the photos together. It's a pretty good system, and one of the main things I do in Photoshop, most of the rest of my post processing I do in Lightroom.