Monday, November 02, 2009

Schnoodle Snow Balls

While much of the snow from late last week melted over the weekend, the back yard still has a fair covering. Fritz the Wonder Schnoodle (TM) is absolutely fascinated by snowballs, and will 'fetch' them all afternoon long. He will dig like crazy searching for the missing ball, until a new one is formed and lobbed. We had a photo shoot this afternoon with dad chucking the snowballs while I tried to capture him in mid pounce. I never really succeeded with that, but I got some fun photos anyway.


Unknown said...

God he is so cute! I miss my doggie!
The ones here are nice, but they are all big and dirty.

victoriasart said...

You didn't post the one I like the best. I will have to get it from you as it could be a painting possibility.