Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Goodbye Asuka

Last week we had a big party to commemorate the departure of one our teachers. After three years of hard work, Asuka is leaving us. In Japan, any reason to have a party is a good reason, teachers leaving, teachers arriving, the weather changing, me washing my socks, anything!

So we put together a big soirée at a local izakaya that has a big party room. We got a course meal of delicious nabe, think a sort of Japanese fondue, with water instead of oil. And more tofu and veggies than you usually see with fondue. Of course we also had a nomihodai all you can drink deal. Of course.

About 40 people showed up, which was our best turn out to a party in a while, and really shows just how much everybody around here loves Asuka. She was a great teacher and an awesome coworker. She felt a little bit sad about leaving us too, crying just a little bit. After the main party, we decamped to Karaoke (again, of course!) and several students sang really sappy J-pop songs that also jerked a few tears from the honoree and the audience at large. Not knowing any of those songs, I just sang my usual Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day. I need to remember that songs that all MY friends know are not really all that popular with the rest of Japan. Oops. Well, it was a fun time, good food, and good company, even if it was a bittersweet occasion.

We will miss you Asuka! Good Luck!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! I remember her!

(I do, don't I?)

She was cool.