Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rolling Thunder

I am happy to report my computer issues have been resolved, for now. In celebration, and while I process my Korea pictures, I present a few shots I took a couple of weeks ago when a huge thunderstorm rolled over Maebashi. I was lucky enough that the center of the storm stayed away from my area, offering a perfect view of the fireworks with none of the pouring rain or power outages others had to deal with. These are certainly the best lightning photos I have ever had the privilege to take.


Peter Leonard said...

Yay, you got your computer back! Fantastic photos as usual, especially the third one down. I cannot wait for your Korea pics!

Jen Jones said...

Nice Pictures!

victoriasart said...

Good job on capturing lightening. Did you use a timer and your tripod? The street scenes remind me of my alleys.