Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A pair of thunderstorms rolled over Maebashi last night. Of the 18 photos I shot, these were the only two that caught Thor in action, but I'm still pretty pleased with that result, especially the bottom one.


Mia said...

I took a good lightning picture once. It was the one good shot out of hundreds. I had the camera on a tripod and kept my finger on the button.

Travelingrant said...

Yeah, its all you can do. The best bolts always seem to happen when the shutter isnt open. Of course. Though there was another storm the other night, and I think I got some really good ones this time.

victoriasart said...

I am reading a novel about storm chasers. It is fascinating reading, and your lightening photographs bring that to mind, since the two often go hand in hand.