Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green Lunch, Black Castle


  After spending so much time moving and dodging aftershocks, I knew I wanted to get out of Gunma for Spring Break. Even a few days away can be quite the restorative, and time with friends is never wasted so when Travis proposed a road trip in Nagano I took him up on the offer. 

     Our first stop was the Daio Wasabi Farm. Despite having lived in Japan for almost five years, Travis had never been. The weather hazier than I would have liked. On clear days the Japan Alps loom over the rows of spicy veggies, but our view was much less majestic. Luckily, the fresh ground wasabi on my cutlet was still pretty majestic!

     The sensible double bill with the wasabi farm is Matsumoto castle. It is close by, beautiful, and one of the few remaining castles that escaped fire, war, earthquakes, the end of feudalism and the firebombings of WW II. I've been several times, but I never get sick of taking pictures of red bridge, moat and the lofty black ramparts.


alice said...

We still haven't been to that Wasabi Farm! I want to goooooo! Is it possible without a car?

Travelingrant said...

It is possible, and in some ways preferable. From Hotaka Station (reachable from Matsumoto) you can rent bikes. The ride from there to the farm is quick, and very scenic.