Monday, January 31, 2011

Above the maddening crowds

Shinjuku as seen from Mori Tower.
              I have been to the Mori Tower in Tokyos Roppongi neighborhood before, but I wanted to go back over break because I learned about the Sky Deck. In Japan almost all of the various towers, sky scrapers and observation platforms are enclosed, unlike the older towers and cathedral view points in Europe.

               Now, enclosed or not the view is pretty spectacular. However, the glass can make for a difficult environment for a photographer. Colors are altered, reflections appear, and sometimes you start to zoom in and thunk, the lens hits the window!
Yokohama rises in the distance.
              Standard admission to Mori Tower gets you access to a standard enclosed observation deck and an art museum that offers rotating exhibitions. Once you reach the heights you can opt to pay an extra 300 yen (about 3.50 US) to ascend to the roof. The view is actually a little bit worse up there, with parts of the building blocking you from looking straight down.

Shibuya from above. If you zoom in, you can see the iconic 109 building.
              That is more than made up for with the glorious feeling of standing in the open so high above one of the greatest metropolises in the world. Despite the fact that I was up there on January 1st, the weather was bright and clear, and could even be described as warm. The opportunity to walk out on the roof of a 781 foot skyscraper is fairly unique, and one that I heartily recommend, despite the extra cost. 

A vertical panorama of Tokyo Tower.


Mia said...

Cape Town has a mountain you can stand on the roof of. Great view.

Travelingrant said...

Yeah, Cape Town and Table Mountain have long been on my to do list, mostly because of a book a read as a child that the cable car featured in, though it has been so long that I forget the book.