Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Driving Akagi-San

The fine spring weather continued the next day, and Ryan and I decided to just drive around and explore the area around Ogo. We soon found ourselves on the road up Mt. Akagi (赤城山). Nestled into the slopes, right as the road really starts heading uphill, is Akagi Shrine. Nestled in the pines as it is, the shrine rather reminded me of the vast temple complex of Koya San, though on a far smaller scale.

The road we took to the top was quite a surprise, twisty, narrow, and steep, it reminded me more of a back country track than a proper summit bound road. Still, the mighty Hammond took to the hills like the champ that he is, powering through the curves and giving me a glimpse of WHY roads like that are so much fun to drive!

As we approached the summit caldera we passed out of spring and back into winter! There were few traces of new growth or flowers around Lake Ono, and snow could be seen in dark out of the way pockets. Still, the area was beautiful, and I eagerly anticipate warmer weather, and the promise of hiking trails that dot the area.

Coming down we stopped at a conveniently placed observation tower, but the clear weather was turning, and the view across this end of the Kanto Plain was curtailed. Though, with Akagi-san being in my backyard, I reckon I'll have plenty more opportunities to get the weather right.

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