Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The City by the Bay

Father's Day found me in California, visiting my Grandfather. I've been to West Coast a great many times, but rarely have the opportunity to do 'touristy' sorts of things. Luckily, this time we managed to squeeze in a visit to San Francisco.

The whole family was excited to visit China Town and get Dim Sum. While we have excellent Dim Sum available in Denver, we all knew that it would be even better in the heart of China Town. Not only was the Dim Sum on offer amazingly delicious, it was cheaper than it had any right to be.

After brunch, we walked the waterfront from one side of the city to the other. While San Francisco may be a city of fog and dim light, the day was actually quite sunny and warm. The Golden Gate never showed its face, but the rest of the bay area was covered in sun.

While Liz and Mom took some time to have a coffee, Dad and I walked out to the end of the community pier, where I took the opportunity to shoot a few Panoramic shots of the city. I've really come to enjoy the looks of the panoramas, even though it does add to my post-processing workload.

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Island Auntie said...

Your photos reminded me it had been way too long since I last visited San Francisco. Fortunately, there is a remedy for that. Sometime after Bali but before Sweden we should be able to work it in the cure.