Monday, July 06, 2009

Denver's on Fire!

Yesterday we celebrated both the birthday of the US of A and my 28th year. It was the first time I'd been in the States for July 4th for three years, so I was pretty excited about the chance to really celebrate, and see some fireworks.

After a great BBQ Jen and I went to my friend Todd's house, so we could watch the Westminster fireworks display. We had a fantastic view of the professional display, and I had a field day with my camera and tripod, finally getting some good fireworks shots.

After the professional show ended, we had our own show, with some fireworks I brought back from Wyoming in January. We weren't the only ones, the Denver area was awash in smoke and exploding rockets. It's been an uncommonly wet spring and summer, and I wonder if people decided to take advantage of the low fire danger.

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Island Auntie said...

All's well that ends well! Sorry to miss those fireworks... Great shots though and glad Mother Nature didn't let loose like she has been many nights this past week.