Monday, October 06, 2008

Fall in the Rocky Mountains

While I'm not quite finished with my epic chronicle of this year's tour of Europe, I figured I should take a quick detour to get caught up with my doings as of late.

Last weekend mom, dad and myself headed to the mountains to get a glimpse of this year's fall color. The aspen's were gorgeous along US 40, so we stopped there for a photo op.

Mom stuck around to paint for a bit, while dad and I went for hike a little further up the road. Winter is certainly coming soon, but for a while we will have a wonderful fall to enjoy.


sam said...

Those aspens are gorgeous! But it's sad to see that there's nowhere left untouched by those bark beetles...

victoriasart said...

I hope you have a complete photo of the avalanche chute! I was counting on it - remember you were going to send it to me? I would download it from your blog but none of these is what I was hoping for!