Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Grand Tour

Tomorrow at 2:05 PM, weather permitting, I will be departing Denver International Airport for Europe. As mentioned previously, I haven't been to Europe for a very long time, so it seems that I should be utterly excited. I am... but. It honestly doesn't seem real. I know that within the space of 24 hours I'll be somewhere over the mid-Atlantic desperately trying to sleep, but I don't feel it. It seems strange to me that on the verge of an 18 day whirlwind tour I don't really feel much at all.

Though certainly I am looking forward to my trip, it will be great to see London and Dublin again, as well as to fill in a few gaps in my Irish sightseeing. The following 9 days in Italy is just icing on the cake, and a delicious, gelatto and pizza flavored icing it is!

For the blog, and myself, I have plenty of memory cards to go with the new camera, so I will come back with a great many wonderful photographs. I'll have things set up so that while I'm gone a few posts will be made, so this blog won't be a total wasteland.


I'm off!

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sam said...

I'm flying back to Denver tomorrow, in a case of unfortunate timing. Let me know when you get back!