Sunday, February 17, 2008

Garden of the Gods

Unlike most folk, rather than settle in with chips and beer and the Super Bowl, Liz and I headed to Colorado Springs for a little bit of adventure. Our first stop was the famous Garden of the Gods, a public park situated between Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Massif.

To call the area, "stunningly gorgeous" would really be an understatement. The wind and water sculpted sandstone of the fountain formation looks almost organic, certainly unlike what most people think of us mere rocks.

Looming over the park, and the city of Colorado Springs itself, Pikes Peak is still every bit the landmark it was when gold miners painted "Pikes Peak or Bust" on their wagons.

I took the opportunity to try my hand at panoramic photography. The series I shot is quite a bit longer than this two-frame stitch, but I figured I shouldn't get too ambitious with my first attempt, and really, this shot of the hogback formations looks pretty good.


HelloBettyLou said...

It's much prettier without the freezing wind. Nice pics babe.

Vesp said...

Looks like a... rockin' good time?