Friday, June 29, 2007

Dancing in the Street, with Turtles

After the parade we hit up festival area for some food and fun. Yakitori chicken skewers, french fries, and even some chicken döner kebab was all consumed with gusto, despite a 'bag malfunction' that dropped some yakitori sauce on various shoes. The meal was capped off with a chocolate covered banana. I love festival food.

Of course no festival would be complete without games, including a turtle catching game. Michael succeeded beyond anybodies wildest dreams, capturing a ton of baby turtles. He only got to keep one of course. Rambo is still doing fine in Michaels
apartment, despite several escape attempts. Of course, a 6 ft+ Kiwi doing children's game did attract quite the audience. Later on we ran into a bunch of his students and of course a photo requrest was submitted.

An okonomiyaki dinner was followed by us watching the street dancing. 10,000 people danced through Katamachi. It was pretty amazing.

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Elizabeth said...

Man, I am so jealous. If only tickets weren't so expensive, I could be merrily wending my way on over.