Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Further Impressions of Bangkok

My second full day in Bangkok actually turned out much like my first. Rain, temples, markets, traffic, heat, sweat, and the like.

I went back to the Golden Mount to see it in a non-holiday non-crowded state. These bells were pretty cool, as people walked towards the summit the would hit each bell, so that if a family was coming, the noise was pretty loud!

Luckily, the rain stopped long enough for me to snap a few pictures from the top. I also caught a snap of a couple of monks meandering the premises.

The humidity was truly oppressive, and I sort of hopped from air conditioned building to air conditioned building. This resulted in lots of quick stops for a convenience store snack or to check my e-mail at cheap internet cafes. I also checked out the King Prajadhipok museum. It was actually a fairly interesting look at the transition from absolute monarchy to constitutional monarchy, and the life of one very reform minded king. Prajadhipok ruled Thailand from 1925 to 1935, in what was a very turbulent period for Thailand. A bloodless coup in 1932 radically changed the government, but broke the spirit of the king, and he abdicated and moved to England a few years later. While the museum was pretty interesting, it was a bit too much. I certainly learned far more about King Prajadhipok than I had ever expected!

I didn't have the guts to take the water bus, as I had no idea where it went! But it is a pretty cool concept.

Next: Red vs. Blue or Oh My its Muay Thai


Victoria said...

Where was your sense for adventure? The water boats may have lead you somewhere very interesting...I am sure someone spoke enough English to help? Even if you rode it "there" and right back!

Travelingrant said...

Yeah, I almost did, but I just didn't feel comfortable. I really, really didn't want to get lost in Bangkok! If I had known where it was going... heh, but now I'm just hemming and hawing.

Victoria said...

I meant "led" - where was I?

Ghostbuster Larry said...

The website sized version of the first picture looks like it has a Thai ghost woman carrying a blue bag