Monday, October 30, 2006


October has to be the single best month to be in Japan. Sure, it doesn't have the hipness of spring and the cherry blossoms, and the maple leaves don't turn red until November, but for sheer great weather October can't be beat. This is the most sun I've every seen in Kanazawa, only one weekend of dreary rain. The days have been warm and pleasent and the nights cool.

This last Saturday was amazing, so warm that I wished I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts! I didn't have much to do before the big costume party later in the evening so I got on my bike and went for a quick ride around town. I decided it was past time to revisit a few of the more tourist oriented spots and take some nice photos.

The first stop was Kanazawa castle, where I had a bit of a shock. I knew that the city plans for the whole medieval castle will be restored, but I was surprised to see that work has begun on the next phase. Looks to be some sort of large fortified gate. I hope it will be finished while I'm still here, but I rather doubt it. Well I guess it provides another reason to come back in 2014. That's the year that the Kanazawa- Nagano Shinkansen link opens, and I just have to see that in operation.

The downside of Fall is the increase is spider size. They have been munching on flies all summer and only the gargantuan are left. I found Shelob here down by the Sai River, I think she was planning to spin a web across the bike path and snare Jr. High School Students. Yikes!

Near the fish market they had a rather sorry looking Shrimp Festival (Ebi Matsuri) all set up. There was loud music and an annoying announcer, yet remarkably few people stopped by to celebrate the glories of shrimp. Which for me just means that most people are sensible, and avoid shrimp whenever possible!

The end of the line was back at Oyama shrine. Again. But what can I say, its very photogenic!

next: the party!

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