Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tokyo: The Return Part 3 Ueno Zoo

Our second hotel was nearish to Ueno Park. One could say Ueno Park is the Central Park of Tokyo, there are lakes and museums and Tokyo's oldest Zoo. There are even a few shrines, and the battlefield where shogunate forces were finally defeated in the Meiji Revolution. As you can imagine,that is quite a lot for one park to hold. And its quite a lot to take in, so our goal was simply Ueno Zoo.

I visted Ueno in 2005 on a daytrip from Zach's homebase in Nagano, but I was glad to be able to return in the Summer and not freeze my toes off. This particular zoo is famous for a few things, but the star attractions are the pandas. While they are cute, I find the Red Pandas much more interesting, and cuter. But of course the really great thing about visiting a foreign zoo is the 'exotic' animals that hit a bit closer to home.

Like these cute little Prairie Dogs! Those left behind in Colorado may see them as pests or coyote bait but here in Japan they are fully kawaiiiiiii! (cue Japanese high school girls in unison). I'll have to admit the little buggers did warm the heart. But just a bit.

They also had this tree scaling porcupine. I had no idea that these prickly little dudes could climb trees. He looked a little cautious on his climb down from the heights.

This fellow is to be commended. He was so lazy that he just fell asleep with his head underwater. Never bothering to pull his bulk around, he'd just peek up from the depths every minute or so to take a breath then settle back down. Really that seems like more work than moving...

Pliffskin ploffskin...

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羽之助 said...

I like the seal/otter things. Highly commendable behaviour. In fact, maybe I'll imitate at the office today!