Saturday, May 20, 2006

Southward we go.

Well my dear sister has been here a week now! Her pace of sightseeing is not quite as grueling as Moms, but she is still getting it done. The other day we went to the two big museums that Mom and I didn't see, the History Museum, and the Castle Museum. The Prefectural History Musuem was pretty cool, despite a distinct lack of English on any of the displays. But honestly, awsome samurai armour is pretty universal in scope. Of course some of the more text heavy areas were a bit lost on us!

The rebuilt section of Kanazawa castle was amazing though. For one thing, it was rebuild using tradtional methods, and is not one of the concrete and steel monstrosities that litter the landscape. Well thats a bit hars on the ferroconcrete restorations, but it was nice to be in a wooden castle again! They also had detailed descriptions, in English, of what they did to rebuild the building. The towers also presented some pretty amazing views of the Japan Alps, but of course I didn't have my camera with me!

Well tomorrow, or so, Liz and I head down south to distant and exotic Kyushu! This will be my first trip off of Honshu, so I am pretty excited. I don't know if I'll be able to maintain the update schedule, though I will try. We are taking her laptop so if we get some internet access I'll keep everybody clued in to our adventures in the land of volcanos and raw horse.


Anonymous said...

I had to save some of the sites of Kanazawa for you to do with Liz! I am glad you enjoyed the history museum.
Have a good time on your trip to the volcanoes, and please don't fall in!

Vesp said...

TAKE PICTURES!!!!!!! I feel all left out....