Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Why Japan?

Why not? Actually Japan proved to be the perfect place for me to plan a year or two away. There is a high demand for English conversation classes, and with three major outfits recruiting abroad it is easy to get a job lined up before you leave. As my friend Zach said, Japan is challenging. Moving to Europe, even say Sweden or Poland, nations with languages far outside my experience would still be 'easy'. The general religion and foundation of the culture is shared. They celebrate most of the same Holidays as I do, and especially with Sweden I certainly look the part! But Japan is different. In every way it is different, from religion to architecture to history to letters, everything is completely outside of my frame of reference. Which is what I want, whats the point in leaving the comfortable if you can't immerse yourself in the totally unknown. Of course I suppose not being able to read the street signs may wear on me, but we shall see.

I sent off all the paperwork for the work visa today. As each step in the process recedes into the past, I have to pinch myself to see if this is actually happening. By this point as long as I manage to avoid being run over by a bus, I'm actually going to be leaving!

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